Reading Comprehension and Diverse Learners

At every stage, reading skills are essential, but for English as a Second Language (ESL) students, getting them where they need to be in this area is often challenging, especially when teachers have a mixture of levels … Read More

alex perezReading Comprehension and Diverse Learners

Programs That Can be Used for Title III

Along with the typical academic content and core subject requirements for all students, school districts must also provide English language learners (ELLs) an additional core component that includes programs to assist them in acquiring content knowledge and attaining English proficiency … Read More

alex perezPrograms That Can be Used for Title III

After School Programs for ELLs

After school programs providing literacy activities offer English Language Learners (ELLs) much needed support academically, culturally and socially, says the After School Alliance organization … Read More

alex perezAfter School Programs for ELLs

FACE – Family and Community Engagement

In providing an overview of Title I and FACE (Family and Community Engagement), we know from years of research that family and community engagement has a positive impact on student outcome. … Read More

alex perezFACE – Family and Community Engagement

The Power of Positive Words from Parents

The majority of people know that the most successful people in life almost always attribute their success to the support and positivity they received from their parents. The article “The Power of a Parent’s Words” says that when parents correct their kids, they should not only mention what they did … Read More

alex perezThe Power of Positive Words from Parents

Hispanic Kids and Kindergarten Readiness

Compared to white or black kids, before starting school Latino children are less likely to be able to write their names, discern the letters of the alphabet or count to 20 or higher, says the Child Trends organization in an article asking if, overall, Hispanic kids are ready for kindergarten. Right from the get-go, then, when they start the first grade, … Read More

alex perezHispanic Kids and Kindergarten Readiness

Parents Telling Their Own Histories for Language Development

While many people may not realize it, parents telling their own histories for language development is an important part of learning language. Along with it helping greatly in grammar, learning new words and listening aptitude, the article “Storytelling in the First Three Years” says that stories serve as a kind of passport … Read More

alex perezParents Telling Their Own Histories for Language Development

The Diversity of Today’s Schools

Over the last 50 years, the student population in America’s schools have changed significantly, says a report on the diversity of today’s schools. Socioeconomics, geography, culture and linguistics, students are more diverse in nearly every way. According to the article, a teacher in the 1980s in a classroom with 25 students might have had five … Read More

alex perezThe Diversity of Today’s Schools