Empowering ELL Families

Even though English language learners (ELLs), particularly Latinos, are the biggest and fastest growing segment of students in the US, ELL parents still contend with numerous barriers in either becoming involved or being informed about what’s going on at their child’s school, says an article on empowering ELL families through parental involvement. … Read More

alex perezEmpowering ELL Families

Teaching with an Open Heart

In teaching with an open heart, an aware educator recognizes that each student arrives in the classroom with a different personality, background, learning style, and skill level, says the 2015 article “Cultivating a Caring Community: An Essential Aspect of Creating Engaged Classrooms.” It says when a teacher takes steps at the beginning of the term … Read More

alex perezTeaching with an Open Heart

New Ideas for Parent Involvement at Your School

The article “Rethinking Parental Involvement” says it is important to meet parents where they are. After interviews with parents at one school, it was shown that many had a strong desire to learn English. Consequently, the school switched up its notion of parent involvement by responding to a real need and start offering them ESL classes. … Read More

alex perezNew Ideas for Parent Involvement at Your School

Helping Kids Develop Empathy

In helping kids develop empathy and cultural humility, it’s important for them to step into the lives of others in order to lower the biases and limitations of different cultures, says the article “4 Tools to Help Kids Develop Empathy and Cultural Humility.” … Read More

alex perezHelping Kids Develop Empathy

Teaching English Phonics to Spanish-Speakers

When a person’s mother tongue is Spanish, particular sounds in English are often more difficult than others, says an article on teaching English phonics to Spanish-speakers. Here are several of the more common mistakes made by Spanish-speaking students, according to the article. … Read More

alex perezTeaching English Phonics to Spanish-Speakers

Fluency and Comprehension in Early Elementary

Low reading abilities affect both reading fluency and comprehension in early elementary, says the journal article “The Effects of Reading Strategies in Comprehension for Elementary Age Learners.” With data revealing that approximately one in five students has challenges in reading acquisition … Read More

alex perezFluency and Comprehension in Early Elementary

Evidence-based Strategies that Work with Hispanic Parents

The field of human services increasingly recognizes that many interventions, like parent training and marriage education, are designed mainly by and for a white, nonminority population, says OPRE, the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation regarding evidence-based strategies that work with Hispanic parents. … Read More

alex perezEvidence-based Strategies that Work with Hispanic Parents

Does Your School Utilize Paraprofessionals?

When researching this article “Does Your School Utilize Paraprofessionals,” the article “Classroom Partners: How Paraprofessionals Can Support All Students to Meet New Standards” provided a succinct description for the term “paraprofessionals.” It states that teaching assistants, also referred to as paraprofessionals, provide support to groups of students or individual students. … Read More

alex perezDoes Your School Utilize Paraprofessionals?

Title III and Parent Participation for ESL

English Language Learner provisions are included under Title I and Title III of NCLB. Title I outlines the state standards, assessment, annual yearly progress, and other accountability requirements for EL students. Title III provides funding to state and local education agencies that are obligated by NCLB … Read More

alex perezTitle III and Parent Participation for ESL

Title II for Staff Development

The reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides opportunities for state and local agencies to use federal Title II funding in more innovative and effective ways in which to help improve leader and teacher quality while, ultimately, increasing students’ success … Read More

alex perezTitle II for Staff Development