Equity and Access in Schools

Equity and Access has become a big focal point of discussion across the country. Equity is the focus on ensuring that everyone receives what they need to be successful – even if it means being unequal across socioeconomic lines. According to the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), equity’s primary concern is “creating school cultures that recognize and value diversity.” … Read More

Dropout Rates and College Enrollment

The overall high school dropout rates have continued to fall over the last two decades for all groups and college enrollment has improved. Hispanics account for a growing share of the entire population and research indicates that the education progress has improved for Hispanics for two decades. The decline in Hispanic high school dropouts is particularly worth noting because it … Read More

4 Tips on Engaging EL Parents in Your Re-Entry Plan

Engaging parents is an important focus for a Re-Entry plan for schools. As we all head back to school, educators will need to consider a variety of teaching strategies to meet the needs of their students, both academically and with socio-emotional aspects. For English learner students, they may need a few extra considerations as school resumes. Since many parents struggle … Read More

Title III – A Big Focus on Parent, Family and Community Engagement

English Learners (ELs) comprise about 10 percent of our nation’s overall student population and continue to grow.  Title III helps to ensure that English Learners receive the support they need for English proficiency and academic achievement.  In order for school staff to better assist English Learners at their campuses, Title III supports professional development for classroom teachers, principals, administrators and … Read More

Culturally Responsive Parent Engagement

Culturally Responsive Parent Engagement is not something you can check off as done. It’s an ongoing integration between the school culture, family culture, and academics. To ensure this is taking place at your school, your school staff should be trained in cultural competency in order to provide a transformational parent component at your school. There is more than 50 years … Read More

How Parents Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Their Children

How Parents Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Their Children Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. This month long celebration begins on the 15th of the month, instead of on the 1st of the month, because it coincides with the independence days of several Latin American countries on the 15th, followed by Mexico on the … Read More

The Impact of COVID in High Poverty Schools

 The pandemic has shone a spotlight on inequality in America. School closures and social isolation have impacted all students but particularly those living in lower socioeconomic households. A new study suggests that the achievement gap is likely to widen due to the pandemic and the sudden closures of schools. The researchers provide insights about the scope of the problem and … Read More

Preparing for Parent & Family Engagement After the Pandemic

  COVID-19 has impacted how schools are operating and many schools are left wondering how to prepare staff for parent and family engagement. We have been working with educators for 20 years with our research-based parent engagement programs, training, and materials. Here are a few strategies to incorporate into your plans for staff development with school staff that we know … Read More

English Learner Requirements under Title I and Title III

Title I provides funds to improve basic school programs and to ensure economically and socially disadvantaged students receive equal opportunity for access to a quality education. These Title I funds are meant to improve academic support for low performing students and support additional teachers and paraprofessionals who focus on mathematics, English language arts support, and preschool programs. Title III provides … Read More

Are Latino Immigrant Parents’ Skills Transferring Into the School Culture?

 Parenting skills are part of the process of raising a child.  Most parents want to help their children achieve their greatest potential so that they can do well in school and ultimately succeed in life.  Parenting skills aren’t set in stone, and they can vary by socioeconomic status and cultural norms, among other factors. Latino immigrant parents take pride in … Read More