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“Everything needed was supplied in the kit and curriculum binder. This is a wonderful program. Our parents learned a great deal about how to read with their children and it helped them realize the importance of reading and vocabulary.”

– Ida Delgadillo, Bilingual Teacher, Kerr County, TX

“Everything needed was supplied in the kit and teacher script. This is a wonderful program. Our parents learned a great deal about how to read with their children and it helped them realize the importance of reading and vocabulary.”

– Ida Delgadillo, Bilingual Teacher, Kerr County, TX

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– Spring Branch I Testimonial Video

“During the six weeks (College Awareness Program) we laughed together, cried together, but most importantly learned together as we shared our experiences and heard experts talk about how to map the road to college, financial aid, scholarships, and the emotional support that our students need from us as parents. After the six weeks the families asked if we could get together one last time to share our folders and have a pot luck, and we did. The time and effort that they put into their folders was incredible and especially because as several of them said, they will keep this folder forever because it contains beautiful memories as well as their dreams for the future.”

– Elizabeth Maciel, College Awareness Program, Corona High School, CA

“Parents learned how to support and use the teachers’ classroom strategies for using context clues, comprehension and higher level thinking skills/questions.”

– Angelina Santos, Program Teacher

“The Latino Family Literacy Project is a needed program that will enhance the benefits of speaking two languages. I strongly value the teachings and mission to create bi-lingual and bi-literate students for the 21st Century.”

– Jessica Albornoz, Program Teacher

“Thank you so much for providing a program in which families have access to books which connects to their life experiences and brings Latino families together!”

– Drucilla Ramirez, Program Teacher

“The children benefited greatly from an established reading routine and improved academically.”

– Sara Hernandez, Teacher, Inglewood, CA

“Teachers were able to implement this program easily. They weren’t required to spend hours preparing, as the program is put together so well and is user-friendly. Parents greatly enjoyed the time they spent together at school during the sessions.”

– Misty Patureau, Program Teacher

“The program is very organized and easy to implement.”

– Teacher, San Gabriel, CA

“This workshop was engaging and clear. It has given me a greater understanding of my Latino Families.”

– Teacher, Vallejo, CA

“Parents continue to come to the classes and really enjoy the time they spend there. In addition, they have learned a lot about their children both academically and personally.”

– Lindsey Garibay, Program Teacher

“Parents increased their self esteem. Parents enjoyed getting together and doing homework with their kids. They experienced a great satisfaction by sharing their own traditions and comparing their present lifestyle and their parents’ lifestyles. Parents are exposed to reading techniques and new vocabulary.”

– Maria Rodriguez, Teacher, Humboldt County, CA

“Outstanding presentation skills by the facilitator.”

– District Administrator, Palatine, Illinois

“Parents read the books in Spanish and students in English. Parents are learning English vocabulary with their own children.”

– Georgina Mendoza, Teacher, Salinas, CA

“A delight to implement. Gave them confidence; made them see how important and able they are; gave a safe place to share difficult past events. It was very uplifting and motivating. Children were very proud of their parents.”

– Joan M Knight, Teacher, Watsonville, CA

“Here are a few things that parents from the College awareness workshops wrote on their final evaluations:
* I learned about the A-G process.
* I learned about the college and university systems.
* I really liked that all my questions were answered by the teachers.
* I learned how to prepare my daughter for college, which college to choose, and to start preparing her college folder today.”

– Gustavo Flores, College Awareness

“We Love the Latino Family Literacy Project!”

– Teacher, Michael C. Riley Elementary

“This effective and interactive parent program is designed to support parents in building a family reading routine in Spanish and English through short stories that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Parents will be given access to books to read at home with their children that reflect the knowledge of Latino families. This will be a fun and exciting time to talk and meet other parents and learn to help your child be successful. Door prizes and snacks will be provided!!”

– Teacher, Brule Elementary School

“I love the books, they are beautiful and have such wonderful human interest stories. Our parents feel the same.”

– Teresa Arredondo, Program Teacher

“It allowed the parents an opportunity to learn reading strategies for themselves and their children bilingually, without the pressure of having to learn English.”

– Susan Harden, Program Teacher

“Lessons are laid out in a manner that makes it easy to follow. Having the vocabulary words identified facilitates for a focus in language development. It is also much easier to prepare any sentence frames that we want to model to parents to, in turn, model to their children.”

– Rosa Penaloza, Program Teacher

“It was a great Parent Involvement experience to do with the parents. The elementary school principal wants me to return and do it again. I really enjoyed it so much!”

– Sara Tovar, Program Teacher

“Nightly reading became a routine in every one of the households of the parents that attended.”

– Drucilla Ramirez, Program Teacher

“The binder contained all information needed and when reviewed prior to the classes, everything was very easy to teach and organize.”

– Kelly Le Parc, Program Teacher

“The tips on how to read with their children and how to form open ended questions to help critical thinking skills was expressed as most beneficial by many parents.”

– Elizabeth Lopez, College Awareness Program, Corona High School, CA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this tremendous program. The program is brilliantly planned. I love the balance of reading and discussing a terrific book with the family album activity. We even asked our colleagues for donations of extra scrapbook materials—and they generously sent materials the parents will love.”

– Judy Mazur, Teacher, Walnut Creek, CA

“The binder was scripted and well-planned. Everything was at our fingertips. They really enjoyed the books and the conversations that came out of our time together. They all expressed that they learned how to better read with their children.”

– Beth Medina, Teacher, Ventura County, CA

“Parents were committed to the program. They would come to school to pick up books when they knew they were unable to attend the class.”

– Terri Hernandez, Teacher, Houston, Texas

“Our parents loved the program. They learned that reading with their children was important, before they we just telling their children to read on their own.”

– Michaele Morales, Program Teacher

“I taught this same program to parents at a school a few years back. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and for the parents.”

– Ida Delgadillo, Bilingual Teacher, Kerr County, TX

“I love how it is a thorough, concise and appropriate literacy program. The training was presented in the same way!”

– Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

“They wished it was longer! It was successful because of the way parents could relate to the books.”

– Yolanda Nunez, Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

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