Reading Aloud to English Learners

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Reading is a vital function of teaching ELLs, but reading aloud can be an enriching strategy for keeping students engaged in the components of becoming fluent in the language for many classrooms. By reading to students, instructors can stress the importance of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and foster positive progress towards fluency in the language, while making the learning experience fun and exciting. But it requires more than just simply sitting down in front of the class and reading from the chosen book of that day’s curriculum. Teachers must keep certain aspects in mind when deciding which books to present. Skill level is the most important, not just where the students are at that particular time, but with respect to the phrasing within the text as well. Choosing books that present an opportunity to teach new words to students is one of the most beneficial facets of reading aloud because it allows the instructor to introduce these challenging new additions to the students’ vocabulary and facilitate understanding of the language in a group setting. In this method, the children become engaged in deciphering these words together so that they may help each other relate and identify with that word or phrase.

Reading aloud also provides children with the ability to learn throughout the story. A child reading on his or her own may continue through the text without absorbing or comprehending what is on the page, which only serves to defeat the purpose. When the teacher reads aloud to the class, comments and explanations can be offered for difficult words or ideas right there on the spot. Through this method, the instructor may also encourage questions and group discussion about what has just been read aloud for a deeper understanding of the material.

Books are, in essence, a visual medium so employing additional visual aids either from the pages of the book itself or from outside resources can also foster a stronger, more effective learning experience. Using various media to dissect words, phrases, and concepts from the book, as it is being read aloud, makes for a more enjoyable way of gaining the knowledge that these students are seeking.

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