Family Literacy Grants to Consider

Family Literacy Grants to Consider

School officials and teachers know that a lot of support for educational programs comes from grants, donations, and government funding.  Without this funding, it would be difficult, or even impossible, to provide quality education to students.  There are millions of dollars out there, all for the taking – you just need to know where to look.  Here’s a few family literacy grants to consider applying for so that you can help improve your school district and classroom and encourage family engagement.

The Tina B. Carver Fund

The Tina B. Carver Fund is the perfect grant to apply for, especially if you work with the Latino community and English Language Learners.  This grant is in honor of Tina B. Carver, who was a longtime member of TESOL and the ESL/EFL community.    The grants given through this fund help school districts and teachers purchase learning materials and other teacher-related materials.  Keep in mind that the grant is typically awarded to school districts and teachers that serve the most underserved student population.

National Book Fund

School districts that serve ELLs will greatly benefit from grants from The National Book Fund.  This organization awards grants to improve adult literacy and basic education.  This is very important in ELL communities, as many ELL parents don’t speak English and have difficulty communicating with their children’s teachers and school officials.  With funds from grants from The National Book Fund, school districts that serve ELLs and immigrant communities can create learning opportunities for parents. By educating parents, they are empowering them to help their kids succeed in school and in life.

Scripps Howard Foundation

The Scripps Howard Foundation strives to eradicate the poverty cycle by empowering families with literacy skills.  This grant is solely for nonprofits in the Greater Cincinnati area that advocate for family literacy in underserved communities.  The grant helps the nonprofit obtain books and other literacy resources that these underserved communities so desperately need.  The grant can be used to supplement literacy outreach throughout the school year, supplying kids with books for summer reading and other literacy efforts.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation awards grants to organizations that serve adults that need assistance in literacy skills. This can include GED or High School Equivalency Preparation, adult basic education, and English language acquisition.  The Dollar General Literacy Foundation knows the importance of educating parents.  When parents are literate and possess an understanding of standardized education, they are better apt to help their kids succeed in school.

Family Literacy Grants to Consider

Family Literacy Grants to Consider

alex perezFamily Literacy Grants to Consider