Cultural Competency and Family Engagement

Family Engagement is a shared responsibility between schools and other agencies to engage parents in meaningful ways.  Parents learn about their commitment to supporting their children’s development and academic progress in school. Research shows that students with involved parents earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills and show improvement.

The first step in reaching out to Hispanic parents is to understand what they want in schools.   From 20 years of providing successful staff development and surveying parents and staff over time, we know that parents want programs that support the whole child including social and emotional support, afterschool programs and preparation for life after high school graduation.

The second step is to understand what teachers and support staff want in professional development.   Beyond theory is practical application.  Both are important because theory relies on proven research, but practical application will give teachers the exact curriculum and step-by-step approach to implementation.  In addition, teachers want their new training and materials to be relevant to learners too.

The Latino Family Literacy Project specializes in preparing school staff in providing a culturally relevant and meaningful family engagement program where parents build strong skills around home reading routines, vocabulary development and ESL with their kids.  Our middle and high program provides parents and students with college awareness training so that both parents and students understand the ins-and-outs of getting to college or, at very least, understanding local options for expanded learning.

The Latino Family Literacy Project can make your life a whole lot easier by training your staff to be culturally competent in working with Latino immigrant parents and by providing a proven-successful model to improve reading skills at home, stronger vocabulary for both parents and kids, and practical ESL skills around thematic curriculum that impacts the students’ academic growth.

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Cultural Competency and Family Engagement

Cultural Competency and Family Engagement