The Latino Family Literacy Project™ provides district-wide workshops and offers a set of powerful benefits for teachers and for Hispanic families, such as:

1 – A Cohesive District Plan. A district-wide workshop provides cohesiveness and an overall plan for the whole district or a select group of schools within the district. By bringing together the key participants at all of the targeted schools, the district can roll out a consistent approach that allows for scaling, effectiveness, and support across the district.

2 – Convenience. The district is able to bring everyone involved in English Language Learner activities together in one place at the same time. The webinar workshop can be held at district headquarters or a mutually agreed upon local location. The program includes 1.5 to 2 hours of comprehensive program training. District leaders will have an opportunity to convey a universal message to the participants as well as set a tone and level of commitment that will resonate throughout the district.

3 – A New Framework for English Learner Parents for Engagement. A district-wide workshop allows teachers to learn a new framework and understanding of Latino parents and English Language Learner families. Teachers and staff will learn how to engage parents through a 10-week series of sessions and how to use culturally appropriate materials with parents. Educators also learn how to implement fun activities that parents actually look forward to completing.

4 – Built-in Program Evaluations. Each program has a built-in evaluation process to measure the success of what the parents learned in class and includes at home skill-based activities for parents and children that support the state standards for each specific age group.

Make your job a whole lot easier and schedule a district workshop. Begin by selecting a date that works for your schools or district staff and then communicate with our office to discuss your specific needs for Parent and Family Engagement. Each campus will need their own set of books and materials, so ideally, each campus should purchase an All-Inclusive Package. You may order online or you can email our office for a specific quote to meet your needs.

Select a date for your workshop and contact us!