Support for Teachers with Anti-Bullying Children’s Book: Boy Zorro and The Bully

In today’s world there is so much talk about children being bullied at school, and teachers are in more need than ever to find solutions for their classrooms to deal with kids bullying other kids. A new anti-bullying children’s book, Boy Zorro and the Bully, is a creative way for teachers to open up the lines of communication about what to do when young kids experience bullying, whether themselves or witnessing another student being bullied.

It takes courage for kids to speak up when under pressure, and how are young kids supposed to know what to do and where to go if bullying occurs at school? Boy Zorro and The Bully shows what it’s like to be bullied and the main character, Benny, who becomes Boy Zorro when he puts his mask on knows exactly what to do when he witnesses his friend, Alfie, being bullied by a bigger kid – Big Ricky. Boy Zorro goes to let the principal know about what is happening, so the principal can take matters into his own hands, as the school authority.

The matter is resolved when the principal hosts a school-wide meeting where it is discussed with the school community, so everyone knows exactly what is the policy of the school and what the consequences will be if bullying occurs.

In the book, the bully had the opportunity to see that what he did was wrong and he committed not to do it again. He apologizes to Alfie, who accepts, and they shake on it.

The book is for very young elementary age children and will help every teacher to address this delicate topic that is so widespread in our schools throughout the United States.

The publisher of the book, Lectura Books, also provides a FREE play for young kids to perform at their schools so that parent and teachers and kids can come together and agree on a good policy for their school community.

Every teacher at every school could use Boy Zorro and The Bully to support their school community with their anti-bullying policy.