Getting Parents of English Learners Involved in California Public Schools

english learners in california California law states, “the government and the public schools of California have a moral obligation and a constitutional duty to provide all of California’s children, regardless of their ethnicity or national origins, with the skills necessary to become productive members of our society, and of these skills, literacy in the English language is among the most … Read More

English Learners in Texas Public Schools

English Learners in Texas Public Schools Texas public schools have the intent of ensuring that all students become competent in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending the English Language. However, almost a quarter of Texas’ student population are at a disadvantage when classes are provided only in English. According to the Snapshot of English Language Learners (ELLs) in Texas by the Texas … Read More

Reaching Out To Hispanic Parents to Improve Family Reading

How is your school reaching out to Hispanic parents to improve family reading? Research shows that parent involvement in their children’s education is one of the most important barometers for academic success and increasingly seen as an essential element of a school’s programming, and there is 30 years of support research. The most important skill that a student can learn … Read More

See What English Learner Students Say About Their Parents

See What English Learner Students Say About Their Parents Kids have a lot to say about their parents who attend The Latino Family Literacy Project™. They LOVE reading with their parents, and they LOVE learning new words and building stronger reading skills. Parents who speak Spanish are often at a loss when it comes to with reading with their children, … Read More

Resources to help immigrant children and English Learners

As schools take in new English Learner students, resources and staff development will play a crucial role in how school districts adapt to their ever-changing student populations. It’s critical that educators have the appropriate language resources to help immigrant children and English Learners succeed. Currently, Federal funding requested for dealing with children arriving by the thousands from Honduras, Guatemala, and El … Read More