Story Time in Public Libraries Grows in Popularity

Bilingual home libraries for English Language Learners ParentsThe lines are getting longer at public libraries across the country as parents and their children queue up for Story Time. According to a report in the New York Times, “Story time is drawing capacity crowds at public libraries across New York and across the country at a time when, more than ever, educators are emphasizing the importance of early literacy in preparing children for school and for developing critical thinking skills. The demand crosses economic lines, with parents at all income levels vying to get in.”

What’s driving this renewed interest in Story Time at Public Libraries?

As the report notes, “Sari Feldman, president of the American Library Association, said such early literacy efforts are part of a larger transformation libraries are undergoing to become active learning centers for their communities by offering services like classes in English as a second language, computer skills and career counseling. Ms. Feldman said the increased demand for story time was a product, in part, of more than a decade of work by the library association and others to encourage libraries to play a larger role in preparing young children for school. In 2004, as part of that effort, the association developed a curriculum, ‘Every Child Ready to Read,’ that she said is now used by thousands of libraries.”

Another interesting article by Dr. Stephen Krashen can be found here.
The lesson here is that parents more than ever want their children to be ready for school and books and reading helps make that happen. We at The Latino Family Literacy Project welcome this growing interest in Story Time.

Katherine Del MonteStory Time in Public Libraries Grows in Popularity