Research about English Learners

Research Regarding English Learners

At a recent Literacy Leadership symposium, Dr. Jana Echevarria presented on who are our English Learners today and provided research about English Learners. The Latino population leads the country in population growth over the past 10 years, according to the U.S. Census reports, and Spanish is the largest second language in the United States, making Spanish-speaking parents more than 80% of all English learners in the country.

To summarize what Dr. Echevarria presented at the symposium regarding research about English Learners, may come as a surprise to some, but at The Latino Family Literacy Project™, this research regarding English Learner is the foundation of our work with teachers.

  • 80% of English Learners in the U.S. are Spanish speaking
  • In 15 states, there has been a fast growth of Latino population, some as fast art 200%
  • 1 in 4 teachers in high English Learner and high poverty schools are not credentialed
  • 1 in 9 teachers in middle class or wealthy class are not credentialed
  • 59% of long-term English learners remain English learners 6 years later
  • English learners who come with high literacy in home or first language fare well in school
  • Effective Instruction and repetition for second language development is a key element for school success

The myths that Dr. Echevarria dispelled in her presentation is everything we provide in our training to help teachers to understand how to work with English Learner parents, to benefit their children in language, reading, and vocabulary.

Literacy Symposium

Literacy Symposium

Click here to watch Dr. Echevarria present research about English Learners!

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