Professional Development for Teachers of English Learners

The Latino Family Literacy Project™ is your best option for Professional Development for Parent Involvement with English Learners. Teachers who attend our program training love the workshop and leave inspired to provide the best Parent Involvement with English Learner parents to meet their Title I requirements for Parent Involvement and Title III requirements for English Learners so that parents can help their kids with reading and English language vocabulary development.

English Learner Programs

Family Engagement Programs for Reading and English Vocabulary

Our Professional Development training includes:
A complete curriculum binder with ELD activities
A cultural competency framework
Step-by-step training for easy program implementation
Free ongoing support for school programs

Our Family Reading Program materials include:
A lending library of 180 quality and beautiful bilingual children’s books
A literacy kit for making family albums
Parent Handouts
Program Templates

Teachers love attending our Professional Development workshop for program training, the books and the literacy materials because they are so meaningful to the parents who attend the program. Once trained, a teacher is set up for success for program implementation and we will support them every step of the way! The Latino Family Literacy Project™ workshops for Professional Development for program training are cost-effective and our books and materials are only available from our organization.

We offer Professional Development workshops for teachers to provide the best programs for Title I and Title III and Parent Involvement with English learners throughout the United States. We offer workshops throughout the USA and can come right to your area!

Contact our office today to find out why teachers love this Professional Development for Title I and Title III programs for Parent Involvement for English Learners, ESL based programs, for Migrant Programs, and Early Childhood programs for Spanish-speaking families.

Katherine Del MonteProfessional Development for Teachers of English Learners