New Research Links Bilingualism with Better Attention and Self Control

New Research Links Bilingualism with Better Attention and Self Control

Bilingualism has long been considered something of an advantage. Children who are taught to learn multiple languages are often better prepared for their lives ahead, not just for the reason that they can converse with people from diverse backgrounds in other countries, but because bilingualism is often an indication of a higher intellect at work. In addition, the ability of being bilingual brings with it some evidence of a greater control over one’s own thought processes and mental skills. The evidence suggests that having a grasp of more than one language with fluency helps strengthen the brain, training it to concentrate more effectively, grasp complex thoughts and concepts, and focus one’s attention more thoroughly.

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The tougher the language to learn, the more of a potential benefit it can provide to condition the brain and hone its mental capacities for self-control, discipline, and becoming more alert and open to complicated thinking patterns. This practice helps to prepare bilingual learners for making quick decisions and paying closer attention to something the mind has been set towards accomplishing. Keeping two or even three or four languages in the brain, ready for use at any time, heightens the sensitivity towards proper stimuli, yet enables it to fend off distraction. Some languages are harder to learn than others, but if you are a native English speaker who is learning or has learned another language, such as Chinese, the belief on the part of many noted researchers is that this education only serves as the building blocks toward higher academic achievement in addition to clear, rational, and logical problem-solving. So learning a second language can bring with it many true benefits besides having a wider vocabulary, and developing these attributes from a young age can pay great dividends later in the improvement of the mind.

So it stands to reason that English language learners may be getting a leg up as they pursue their studies at even the elementary school level. As they work to sound out and comprehend the many basic sounds of English, they are also equipping themselves with the skills to be more attentive and sharp, enabling their minds for greater cognitive and deductive capabilities.

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