Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language is referred to as Second Language Acquisition, and is a major undertaking in any language. How long it takes to acquire a second language will also vary from person to person, based on a variety of reasons.

Kids at schools across America are learning English at faster rates than their non-English speaking parents and some kids may have surpassed their parents own educational attainment, which sometimes makes it challenging for parents to help their children with school homework, or even participate at their child’s school. Many parents may not feel like they have a role at the school.

Dr. Stephen Krashen has researched and published work about Second Language Acquisition and particularly in bilingual communities. http://www.sdkrashen.com

Language and Literacy in the ELL population is diverse and complex, but by far, the largest number of English learners is lead by Spanish speakers with more than 82% of all English Learners.

The Latino Family Literacy Project brings out the best in parents and shows them how they can help their children with reading, using their own skill set, and then provides them with meaningful opportunities for parental engagement and second language acquisition.

Teachers are invited to attend a workshop or webinar to help them understand the fastest growing population in America, and the largest segment of the ELL population.

If a teacher does not speak Spanish, try to attend a workshop or webinar with another teacher or staff who does speak Spanish to work together as a team because there is a role for everyone for a successful parent program!