Family Phonics™: A New ELL Parent Engagement Tool

Family Phonics books for bilingual (English Spanish) parent involvement
Family Phonics™ is a new program and tool for engaging English-language learner (ELL) parents helps schools provide a fun and effective approach for Parent Engagement with the parents of English Learners. Family Phonics™ is our newest program that helps ESL teachers who work with Spanish speaking parents so that parents can learn basic phonemic awareness, in order to help their kids with basic English phonics.

Research proves that phonic awareness, that is, the awareness of speech sounds in words, knowledge in letter names, sound-symbol correspondence, and vocabulary are critical to positive outcomes in reading and spelling. By making Family Phonics a bilingual format, parents will learn English skills with some Spanish support if needed. The book set provides a tool that enhances phoneme awareness and other phonological tools for the bilingual family where the parents are Spanish-speakers and the children are learning English in school. It’s a win-win situation when material for parents is already in a bilingual format.

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Katherine Del MonteFamily Phonics™: A New ELL Parent Engagement Tool