Links and Resources for English Language Learners in Washington

The state of Washington has an ELL population of 107,307 students in the public school system. With a total enrollment of 1,051,694, ELLs make up just over 10% of the students enrolled in grades K-12. The five languages spoken by ELLs are Spanish, followed by Russian, Vietnamese, Somali, and Chinese.

Family reading programs for english and vocabulary
The following is a list of useful resources and programs for ELL students living in Washington.

State of Washington Informational Resources:
Educational Programs and Learning Resources:
  • Washington State Parent Information Resource Center – This site provides parents with resources, training and education for families of at-risk children, and statewide information distribution:
  • Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (TBIP) – A component of Washington’s Basic Education Act, the TBIP is designed for developing language proficiency standards and resources for ELLs :
  • Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages (WAESOL) – State of Washington organization of educational professionals to promote and implement ESL instruction and research policies for ELLs in grades K-12 in the public school system:
  • The Latino Family Literacy Project Professional Development Workshops: Both in-person and online workshops that comply with Title I and III Parent Involvement initiatives. Trains teachers and school staff to implement English proficiency programs for ELL families:
  • Family Phonics Workbooks: An English vocabulary program for parents and children learning English that uses a simple method to teach parents strong English vocabulary and proper pronunciation through the use of phonics:
  • The House of Literacy Book Sets – Available in Pre-School and Elementary levels, these collections contain a set of six books each, designed to help parents of ELLs read to their children in Spanish while providing an outlet through which to practice and improve English vocabulary as well. These sets encourage parental involvement in the English Language education of their children: or

If your school could benefit from an ELL program, Lectura Books offers award-winning bilingual books that can be used as a great teaching tool for English Leaners.

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