ELL Student Resources and Support in New Mexico

The state of New Mexico has 53,071 students enrolled in grades K-12, making up just 16.1% of the school population. Within this group Spanish is spoken by a large majority with Navajo, Nias, German, and Vietnamese making up the top five languages currently spoken by non-English speaking students. The state has also adopted the English language development framework of WIDA.

The Latino Family Literacy Project provides workshops and webinars for school teachers and school staff for Parent Involvement. Staff will learn how to provide a culturally relevant model for parent involvement, family reading and vocabulary development.

The following is a list of useful resources and programs for ELL students living in New Mexico.

State of New Mexico Informational Resources:
Educational Programs and Learning Resources:
  • The New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education – The NMABE is an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting bilingual education for grades K-12 throughout the state. They focus on professional development, linguistic diversity, and increased resources for bilingual programs as well as research application and dissemination: http://nmabe.net/
  • New Mexico Education Association – The New Mexico affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers which works to advocate for and establish a standard of success and excellence in public schools within the United States: http://www.nea.org/home/49832.htm
  • Lectura Books – Publishers of award-winning English and Spanish language development books for infants to teenagers, including the 2014 Moonbeam Award Winner for Best Children’s Book, (Spanish) Boy Zorro and the Bully.
  • Lectura Books Professional Development Workshops – Training workshops designed to assist teachers, aides, and parental coordinators with implementing aspects of the Latino Family Literacy Project, which meets compliance with Title I and Title III Parent involvement initiatives: https://www.latinoliteracy.com/workshops/
  • Family Phonics Workbooks: An English vocabulary program for parents and children learning English, taught using a simple method to teach parents strong English vocabulary and proper pronunciation through the use of phonics: https://www.lecturabooks.com/family-phonics-workbooks/

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