After School Programs for English Learners

After School Programs for English Learners

After school programs providing literacy activities offer English Language Learners (ELLs) much needed support academically, culturally and socially, says the After School Alliance organization in the article English Language Learners: Becoming Fluent in Afterschool,” about after school programs for ELLs.

Summer learning and after school programs improve both social development and academic achievement of ELL youth, states the article Serving English Language Learners Afterschool.”

However, with schools and districts lacking the necessary staff or funding to assist them, the majority lag behind their peers on standardized tests. But with the additional support and time received in a high-quality after school program, ELL students benefit tremendously in learning English and many times the academic content being taught in schools, too, the article says.

After school programs are generally most successful when they offer these components: homework support, including motivational strategies and specific study skills, staff members who share the same cultural and linguistic backgrounds as the students, and creative ways to include parents and other family members in the program, states the article Supporting English Language Learners: In-School, Afterschool and Summer.”

According to the bulk of the research, one of the best after school programs that does include parents is an award-winning parental involvement program offered by The Latino Family Literacy Project. The program offers a variety of age-specific literacy programs that assists families in developing reading routines with their kids, build overall English language skills and establish a closer connection to schools.

Parent participants complete a 10-week program at school and learn new reading skills, new vocabulary, and how to support their kids for school success. Teachers can attend an online webinar and purchase program books and materials, and are then ready to set up their program. For more information, please contact The Latino Family Literacy Project!

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