3 Ways to Connect Art with Literacy for Preschool

Lectura Books – 3 Ways to Connect Art with Literacy for Preschool

1. Preschoolers are highly visual creatures. They are engaged through sight as much as they are through touch. Bright colors and shiny objects are just some of the items that capture their attention and engage their imagination. By contrast, getting them to understand the basics of literacy can be a challenge. Reading to a child is an activity that promotes the importance of story and serves as a valuable entry point to teaching them effective literacy skills. But reading to a preschooler is only one part of the process. Getting them to engage with literacy by their own accord is another. This can be done in a variety of ways that incorporate creativity and art in equal measure. Books that have pictures are a fundamental tool for teaching literacy in preschool. Appropriate age children’s books don’t rely as heavily on text as they do on illustrations, and this is one of the most important methods towards connecting art with literacy in teaching preschoolers how to read.

2. Coloring books are also a terrific tool to bring art and literacy together in an effort to improve their cognitive and comprehension skills. Giving them colored pencils to fill in the black and white images will engage them on multiple levels and help them identify images and items that they can better understand when they come across these things in stories. Coloring books help them remember the visual picture of such items when they are described within a text or found in the real world outside of the classroom.

3. Then there are the activities that let them create their own stories. Drawing pictures on paper with pencils, crayons, and paints lets them create the image and the back story surrounding it. Collages are also a handy exercise that allows children to build a story through designing images in any order they see fit. Anything that enables a child to be creative will help foster their imagination to make a connection to other learning processes that are presented in the classroom setting. This can go a long way to improving their literacy skills by opening their minds to new ideas and promoting an interest and enthusiasm for learning. Incorporating art in the classroom may even spark an interest in the arts themselves, whether it’s drawing, painting, or even finding other creative outlets for self-expression as they grow older.

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