Toddler and Preschool Programs

Infant & Toddler

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The Infant/Toddler program is for parents with children ages birth to two. It supports the notion that parents are their child’s first teacher and introduces parents to concepts of language development, child development and basic parenting skills. Parents learn how to observe their young child and write about them and conclude the six-week course with a handmade book about their young child.

Book Sample: My Family / Mi Familia


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The preschool program (I am READY / ¡LISTO!) uses age-appropriate books for preschool age kids. Parents learn to read with their children, pose questions and teach school readiness skills to their children. Together parents and kids learn English vocabulary and simple English language grammar. We’ve developed parent handouts based on Preschool Standards to make reading and vocabulary fun for both parent and preschooler.

Book Sample: The Many Faces of Max / Las muchas caras de Max