Research-based School Programs for Parent Involvement with Spanish-speaking parents

The true test of a program’s success comes when its core participants experience its effectiveness. That is the case with The Latino Family Literacy Project’s™ programs. Teachers find that our programs support their goals of including parents in the day-to-day educational life of their school. Our programs also provide an effective reading component. Both students and their parents improve their literacy skills, become better English-language readers, and develop strong English vocabulary.

In our annual survey of our trained providers, it shows that parents LOVE attending these parent programs and don’t want to miss class.  They graduate and they want to continue or attend the program again. We do have a continuation Elementary program Semester 2 that parents who have graduated can attend for continued support with reading development with their kids.  

The Latino Family Literacy Project offers teachers and staff a 1.5 hour online webinar training and curriculum.  Trained staff will then hold a series of workshops online with parents or at the school site to assist parents in establishing a regular reading routine using award-winning books, reading comprehension, and ESL skills for new vocabulary so that parents can help their kids with new vocabulary. Research shows that family reading time helps to improve literacy and strengthen vocabulary in both languages, not just for the kids but parents too!

alex perezEvidence-based School Programs for Parent Involvement