Teacher online webinars for ELL parent engagement

All-inclusive offer for College Awareness

Offer Includes:

  • Free Webinar Training for two staff (1.5 hours) and ongoing support
  • 2 Curriculum Binders for two staff to use at the webinar
  • 1 Set of Program Materials with 40 Chapter Books of Graciela’s Dream: One Family’s Journey to College (one-time purchase)
  • Both parents and students can attend program at school
  • Shipping for program materials
  • Sales tax will be added to orders in California only
  • Cost: $600

About the Webinar

The Latino Family Literacy Project™ offers online training that is grade level specific. The webinars are approximately 1.5 hours and provide training for the implementation of our various programs from infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, and middle/high school levels.

The webinars encompass research and trends, including a cultural competency overview for working with Hispanic ESL parents. It provides ideas as to how to get Hispanic parents involved in the school community, grade level specific program training, and English Language Development tools and curriculum.

Our upcoming webinar dates and times may be found on our website under Workshop Locations. We ship the curriculum manuals in advance for review during the online training. You can even schedule a private webinar just for you and a colleague at a date and time that is convenient for you.

If you want to register for just the webinar, without taking advantage of the special offer, the cost for the webinar is $200.00 per person.